What is L'H Experience?

The Hospitalet Experience is a proposal of fusion of crossed matters and half-breeds: the cooking and the culture.

Our city -cradle of cooks of being recognized prestige like Ferran and Albert Adrià i d'artistes like José Corbacho, Antonio Orozco, Arranz-Bravo, Jordi Mollà, Alfons Flores or Ros Marbà- offers you a gastronomy and a culture genuina that comes from diverse origins.

He enjoys our cooking of fusion, of the autochthonous products cultivated by farmers of the zone, of the stoves of our chefs, of the tradition of the most diverse "tapeo" -of that of always and also of the from all over the world- everything married with a flow cultural unstoppable, mixture of leathers and multiple souls.

He lives the effervescence of our cultural activities, from our d'js that break the clues until the traditional folcklore, imagines factories inhabited by artists of new trends, schools of music, street discovers art going through galleries of first metropolitan level and galleries with consecrated artists or emergent from international nickname.

Ours, is an authentic, singular and only offer.

Come to see us. will surprise The Hospitalet for you.